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'We Saxons we are bright and the whole world knows it.' [Vernacular] 

Melitta coffee filters, Malimo fabrics, the Brockhaus Encyclopaedia and many other useful things have their origins in Saxony, even though it is often less about the great innovations, but rather, about the optimisation of existing achievements. Early industrialisation favoured the emergence of highly specialised medium-sized companies. They can only survive on the market through a continuous improvement of their products and the implementation of new ideas. While at the beginning most inventions originate from ingenious tinkerers and craftsmen, later it is mainly engineers and scientists who give rise to innovations. This development is favoured by an advanced educational system. The ideas for the products of tomorrow are developed at universities, research centres and industrial facilities. Not just a few inventors fall into economic hardship or are simply forgotten. Even failed ideas can provide incentives to continue searching for new answers.