Look and Be Amazed

Saxony Equips the Factory of Today

Whoever gets an opportunity to see a modern factory from the inside? Here, machine tools and a body welding system with industrial robots at full speed will amaze you. The technology dates back to the beginning of the 21st century and is actually not yet ready to be placed in a museum. But the comparison of early and modern factory work at this location possesses a high level of appeal. Hidden behind the modern appearance of the machinery are the collective experiences of many generations of engineers and skilled workers of the West Saxon mechanical engineering and automotive industry. Thus, Volkswagen Sachsen follows in the tradition of Auto Union. The StarragHeckert milling machine prototype has its roots in the Wanderer-Werke AG, and the series of turning machines produced by Niles-Simmons can be traced back to Gebrüder Escher. At a traditional plant location in Chemnitz, Siemens develops and builds the NC control systems that make these machines work.