The museum is located western to the city centre of Chemnitz at the corner of Zwickauer Straße and Kappler Drehe.
You can get there: 

by car | Caution road work!

During the summer holidays from July 18th to probably August 26th, the entrance to the Industrial Museum will be changed due to construction work on Zwickauer Straße.

Access is only possible from Neefestraße towards the city centre. There is currently no access from Zwickauer Straße, neither inwards nor outwards. From the city center please drive along Zwickauer Straße to Lützowstraße, turn left onto this, after approx. 300 m turn left onto Neefestraße, from which access is possible.

motorway A 4 > exit 'Chemnitz-Mitte', via Leipziger Straße [B 95] or
motorway A 72 > exit 'Chemnitz-Süd', via Neefestraße, follow interstate road B 173 towards 'Zentrum' [city centre]/Zwickauer Straße

You can find car parks on the area of the museum.

Please also use google maps

by tram

route 1 towards Schönau; you have to alight at the stop 'Industriemuseum'